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Quze enables you to identify your skills gap and design your learning experiences. Browse and search across online courses, bootcamps, videos, articles, and much more to find your learning fit.

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Today, we're learning everywhere. Online courses, videos, podcasts, blogs, bootcamps, and much more. We aggregate and curate all these learning opportunities so you can make better decisions. Our catalog is updated regularly to showcase providers you already love, whilst helping you discover new and innovative ways to learn. So far, we have:





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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you update your resources?

Our catalog comprises of content sources by us and community-generated content. We update content weekly and community-curated content is added daily.

My favorite provider is missing. How can I add?

We rely on our community to help us find interesting and innovative ways to learn. This is how we found incredible platforms like Scrimba, Design+Code and others. Please let us know here and we will add them.

It this really free?

Yes. There is no cost to access the platform. However, if you want to private access to our catalog APIs for your enterprise, reach out to us.

Are you planning more journeys?

Yes, we are. If you're an expert and want to help us, please reach out to us.

Do you issue certificates?

We don't issue certificates on our end, but we do have a list of providers that offer certificates. We do plan to add a filter that will allow you to sort courses based on whether they provide a certification.

Do you collaborate with different learning organizations?

Yes, we are working on multiple collaborations to help learners find the best and most dynamic learning resources. For possible synergies between Quze and your organization, write to us.