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Quze helps you build in-demand skills. Self-learn by discovering courses, books, articles, podcasts. Join live classes and workshops for a hands-on experience.

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Learning on the internet shouldn't be difficult. Quze was built with this simple motivation in mind. Equip yourself to finish more courses, read more articles, and build new skills.


Expertly curated resources to ensure you're on the right track.


Live, hands-on workshops to help you walk away with projects that matter.


Personalized guidance to ensure you're really grasping what you're learning.


Learn with others. Build long-term bonds, friendships and partnerships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are workshops geared for beginners?

Each workshop is different. There are some workshops that require no prerequisites, while others which require some knowledge. The exact audience is clearly defined in each workshop.

Will workshop recordings be shared?

For online workshops, the recording is made available after the workshop. For workshops that are in-person, the recordings are not shared. However, the presentation deck and resources will be shared after the workshop.

What is the cost to join the community?

The community is free. For now. Just shoot us a message on Instagram or email us and we'll get you added!

What's the benefit of joining your mailing list?

We curate the best learning resources and sent it to your inbox. Don't miss out on valuable opportunities, discounts, and more!

When is the next cohort for Quze School?

We're revamping Quze School currently. We want to ensure that it is an experience that rivals the top bootcamps and other community experiences. Please stay in touch to get notified of any updates regarding future cohorts.

What's the process of finding a mentor?

It's highly personalized. Send us an email and someone from our team will reach out to you to ensure we find the perfect mentor for you!

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