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Quze makes it extremely easy for you to find the perfect course. Discover, Compare, and Choose. Jumpstart your learning today.

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How it works


Create your profile. Tell us what you want to learn or what your goals are.


Find the perfect course for you. Whether you learn best online or in an interactive environment, we'll find something for you.


Once you set your eyes on a topic or course, lock your target and get ready.

Take off

Journey has just begin. The first step is often the hardest. Finish and come back to build to your learning

Speed up your learning process


Find course that best fits your needs. Class-based, interactive, video, or problem-based learning: all options in one place.


No idea about a certain field or topic? Read an overview to see if it interests you.


If you're unsure where to begin, look at what other people are learning.


Coming soon. Want to become an ML engineer? Data Scientist? Get started on that path. Take recommended courses and build your skills kit


Wondering why one course is $10 and other $100? Compare courses at a glance and select.


Throw whatever you want into it and never be afraid of losing it. Courses, skills, articles, links. Or keep it organized; whatever works for you.

Catalog by the Numbers

We update our catalog daily to reflect the newest additions and bringing you the most up-to-date courses. This allows you to be connected to the most relevant content. We are also working on bringing lesser-known, innovative content providers. Stay tuned.










Students can create learning lists, create pathways and see recommendations on courses.


Teams can work together on courses they are taking. This creates a unique learning experience forstering communication and collaboration.

Frequently asked questions

Is this thing on
Not yet. But get on the early access list to be among the first to test our product and help shape it.
What is the course catalog?
Did you ever want to learn something and didn't know where to get started? Is google taking you to courses that are confusing you more? Course catalog solves that. It helps you begin your journey to learn something. Course Catalog is a collection of different online and offline course providers. Kinda like the yellow pages, remember those?

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